Paul V. Cody

Senior Delegate, UC Davis Staff Assembly

Job Title: Assistant Director, Center for Student Involvement
UC Service: 23 years
Alma Mater: UC Davis Ed.D, 2017
Phone: (530) 752-8037
Pronouns: he/him/his


I have worked at UC Davis for 23 years and have come to realize this was the best place for me grow and prosper as a professional. I work in the Center for Student Involvement, where I get to help students find opportunities for involvement and make the most of their experience as a student. One of the areas I truly cherish about working here is the many people I have gotten to know over the years. People care and want to make the campus a better place to be a student and a better place to work. I find great value in being engaged in various activities on campus. My involvement with Staff Assembly has been an opportunity to help give a voice to staff on campus. I believe that CUCSA can do the same for the UC system and help to provide a staff viewpoint to UC leaders that paints a broad perspective and understanding of UC staff and our needs.