Ana Esquivel

Junior Delegate, UCLA

Job Title: Affiliates Relationship Manager
UC Service: 25 years
Alma Mater: UCLA
Phone: (310) 948-9283


Ana Esquivel is a first generation UCLA transfer student. She earned her BA in Sociology and began her UCLA Health career while attending school. After graduating, Ana continued working for UCLA Health; a career approaching 25 years. Ana currently works for the UCLA Health Information Services and Solutions department as the Affiliates Relationship Manager.

As a UCLA alumna and career employee, Ana is committed to improving the employee experience and opportunities. Ana is the President Elect for UCLA staff assembly. She is looking forward to working with CUCSA and leveraging the opportunity to learn from her UC colleagues.

Outside of UCLA, Ana enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures. She has a passion for volunteering, non-profits, fundraising, and philanthropy. In addition to Staff Assembly, Ana is a current member of the UCLA First Generation Alumni Network (FGAN) executive board and holds the Vice President position.