Sylvia Bhatia

Senior Delegate & Chair-Elect of UCOP Staff Assembly

Job Title: Finance Director for Captive Programs, Office of Risk Services, UCOP
UC Service: Two years at UCOP
Phone: (510) 987-0120
Pronouns: she/her/hers


Sylvia Bhatia is the Finance Director for Captive Programs in the Office of Risk Services at the Office of the President. The Office of Risk Services is responsible for developing and implementing Enterprise Risk Management system-wide, identifying and developing strategies to minimize the impact of risk, developing a center of excellence for managing risk, reducing costs and improving safety by executing new ideas and strategic plans in a rapid manner. By strategically managing risk we can reduce the chances of loss, create greater financial stability and protect our resources in support of UC’s mission.
Sylvia currently serves on the UC Office of the President Staff Assembly as Chair Elect and as second-year delegate to CUCSA. Sylvia is interested in increasing staff engagement and making UC the best place to work.