Tẹjú Rice

Senior Delegate, UCOP Staff Assembly

Job Title: Administrative Officer, UC SHIP
UC Service: 7 years
Email: Teju.rice@ucop.edu
Phone: (510) 587-6324


Tẹjú Rice serves as the Administrative Officer for UC SHIP, the Student Health Insurance Plan. She provides support to the program, its projects, and shared governance Executive Oversight Board.

During her UC tenure, she served as the CUCSA delegate from UCSF; she also served as the Co-Chair of the UCSF Black Caucus History Subcommittee. She worked on producing a two-part video and digitized collection of the elders and founders commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Black Caucus

As a lifelong learner, Tẹjú returned to school as an adult learner earning a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies and MA in Religion and Philosophy from CIIS. She is committed to promoting and advocating for staff using a holistic approach to encourage collaboration, equity, health and wellness.