In support of the mission of the University of California it is the purpose of the Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) to maintain and enhance communication within the University Community on matters of interest to staff employees in accordance with California laws and Regent policy.

The constituency of the Council is understood to be staff employees of the University of California. The Council is involved in matters of interest and concern to those who are not exclusively represented and may address matters not within the scope of representation for those exclusively represented.

CUCSA 2020-2021

The CUCSA delegation meets quarterly for 2 1/2 days to share organizational best practices, communicate and collaborate on issues of concern for UC Staff. This year’s meetings are:

Each year, the delegation organizes into specific work groups that focus on staff needs and concerns. This year, the delegation will be examining the following topics:

Fostering a Flexible Work Culture
As the UC looks for ways to be an employer of choice and reduce our carbon
footprint, one suggestion is there could be more leadership support for workplace flexibility. […] Flexible work arrangements include telecommuting, alternative work schedules and compressed workweeks. […] For the staff member, research shows that workplace flexibility helps employees feel empowered, increases engagement, improves employee health, and improves work/life balance.

Staff Basic Needs
CUCSA has been looking at financial wellness the last few years. In 2016-17 and 2017-18, CUCSA focused on financial literacy and made recommendations to UC Systemwide Human Resources. In 2018-19, the conversation changed to focusing on basic needs. For the purpose of this group, basic needs is defined as: the most essential resources required to live; including access to potable water, nutritious food, stable housing, clean clothing, and/or financial wellness resources to assist in acquiring those items. From this definition, the focus of this group is nutritious food and stable housing. […] The work group will look into how the University can help address staff basics needs through CUCSA, the staff assemblies and the Healthy Campus Network.

Staff Advocacy (focus on compensation)
Issues of staff compensation is one of the most pressing concerns on most staff members’ minds. This work group focuses on the overall compensation package at the University of California, future impacts that may affect the retention of staff over the long term as well as recruiting the most competitive candidates that come to UC. 

Regular updates and the results of the delegates’ work will be posted on the website so visit often!